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Segment Routing Flex Algo Example

Segment Routing Policy Active Path Selection

An SR Policy is used to instantiate an ordered list of segments. SR policy is identified with tuple; Head-end, color and End-point. The Head-end is the node where the policy is implemented. It may be an IPv4 or IPv6 address. The End-point indicates the destination of the policy. The endpoint is specified as an IPv4 …

Segment Routing IGP Flex Algorithm

Segment Routing and LDP Interoperability

Segment Routing TI-LFA Double Segment Example

Segment Routing Overview

When the whole architecture of routing was designed the idea was sending the packet to the destination by the best path possible. It is achieved based on the routing table build from link-state database which is received from their neighbors. But what if I want to force the packets to go across some other way. …