Segment Routing

Segment Routing Policy Min Metric Optimization

End to End Segment Routing

Segment Routing (SR) is a kind of source routing technology which means that the source can define the path that the packet will take. In source routing with SR, the hosts determine the path, encodes the path information to the packet header. Segment Routing divides a network into several segments and assign a segment ID …

Segment Routing Flex Algo Example

Segment Routing Policy Active Path Selection

An SR Policy is used to instantiate an ordered list of segments. SR policy is identified with tuple; Head-end, color and End-point. The Head-end is the node where the policy is implemented. It may be an IPv4 or IPv6 address. The End-point indicates the destination of the policy. The endpoint is specified as an IPv4 …

Segment Routing IGP Flex Algorithm

Segment Routing TI-LFA SRLG Example

Segment Routing and LDP Interoperability

Segment Routing TI-LFA Double Segment Example