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SRGB stands for Segment Routing Global Block. SRGB is a local property of a node and identifies labels reserved for global segments. In the MPLS Data Plane, Prefix-SIDs are allocated from Segment Routing Global Block (SRGB). It can be hard coded or it may be indexed to the SRGB. During the control plane advertisements both SRGB and …


Segment Routing divides a network path into several segments which may include Nodes and links. And assigns a segment ID (SID) to each segment and forwarding node. A prefix segment identifier (SID) usually identifies a segment routing tunnel destination which is the loopback ip address of the destination node. An Adjacency Segment Identifier (adj-SID) is …

Segment Routing Flex Algo Example

Segment Routing Policy Active Path Selection

An SR Policy is used to instantiate an ordered list of segments. SR policy is identified with tuple; Head-end, color and End-point. The Head-end is the node where the policy is implemented. It may be an IPv4 or IPv6 address. The End-point indicates the destination of the policy. The endpoint is specified as an IPv4 …

Segment Routing IGP Flex Algorithm

Segment Routing TI-LFA SRLG Example

Segment Routing and LDP Interoperability

Segment Routing TI-LFA Double Segment Example