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Segment Routing divides a network path into several segments which may include Nodes and links. And assigns a segment ID (SID) to each segment and forwarding node. A prefix segment identifier (SID) usually identifies a segment routing tunnel destination which is the loopback ip address of the destination node. An Adjacency Segment Identifier (adj-SID) is …

Segment Routing Flex Algo Example

Segment Routing IGP Flex Algorithm

Segment Routing TI-LFA SRLG Example

Segment Routing TI-LFA Double Segment Example

Segment Routing TI-LFA

Before Segment Routing was introduced, IP FRR and Loop-Free Alternates (LFAs) were not widely deployed. In these implementations the level of coverage depended on the network topology. When SR combined with FRR techniques, Fast Reroute can deliver 100% network coverage regardless of the topology. That is called TI-LFA (Topology Independent – Loop Free Alternate) Here …

Segment Routing IGP Adjacency SID

IGP Adjacency Segment Identifier (Adj-SID) is a local label allocated from SRLB. It is attached to a unidirectional adjacency or a set of unidirectional adjacencies. Segment Routing Adj-SIDs usually represent a link (peering) and have a local significance. Of course It is used with Prefix-SID of local node. Locally significant means that the remote nodes …